Ongoing batch

After many regular but time-consuming repairs, I have only worked with the ongoing batch this week. I had already milled carbon fiber rods in all five instruments and glued all the bottom braces. This week, all tops got their braces, the bodies have had cracks glued and repairs done. The top braces are not completely ready, they must be shaped and polished for the best sound as well. The harp guitar needs a bunch of cleats and the neck heel a round rod in birch.

Now that I have basically come halfway, I will choose two at a time to finish and put the most work on one. During certain steps, such as when the bottom is glued or the guitar is varnished, it is good to have a second instrument to work on.

I never took any pictures of the original guitars this time, but here are pictures of the current situation. Two Europeans, two Levins and a harp guitar. Klangolan got an X-bracing, the harp guitar a special ladder bracing.

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