Repair stall legs

A composite stable leg sounds fantastic, but if you are unlucky it is easy to break it apart in the seams. It is important to be very careful when unloading it. Got a stable leg that looked like this

Four pieces where it went off in the glue joint. I have had some stall legs with cedar that went off in a vein and not in the joint. Looks bad but is easy to fix. Super glue is a thin glue and you can get the pieces together very well. Glued again with super glue.

The puzzle is put together first of all. Gladpack is placed on a table edge so as not to glue the stable leg against the table. A piece of wood is forced as an abutment for one edge. The pieces are glued with superglue and pressed against a smaller piece of wood so that the edge becomes straight. Then the pieces are pressed together with a second counter grip and tightened with a forcing.





A last piece of wood is forced on top to keep the leg bone flat. All the time with a happy pack in between.

When the glue has dried, gently sand the sides of the bone with a finer sandpaper until it has the right thickness to fit in the stern trench.




In the future, I will glue on a thin shim of wood under the stable leg in the same material as the stable to hold together and make the stable leg stronger.