All Gone

Made a recording in a set up meant for Doug Seegers in Tonteknik Recordings studio the day after Doug's gig in Umeå. Too bad it did not get rid of Doug! A recording of the latest song (made on Dougs Levin 1918) before the mics were rigged off. Playing on my own GammelGura from 1913 🙂

Summer job

Not everything in life is guitars. Tired of the rusty fenders on my 1997 Ford. Had to borrow a place outside Polar Björn's garage and had to learn how to handle a spray can. Sand the sheet metal, on with gray primer directly and then on with specially mixed Diamond White 73 color. Took the opportunity to renovate the drum brakes that had started to drop…

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Made an investment in a hi-end item. It is in "wreck" condition and bought for renovation. It will be carefully renovated into a working instrument. The very positive thing is that the side and bottom of brazilian rosewood are in good condition. The lid is not in good condition! The piece that is missing will be replaced by new wood. Adirondack spruce about it…

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