What it costs

Have done a number of oversalination dinners now and feel confident in my method. For those who are interested in such a thing for their new fine or old guitar, I will offer that service. For an oversadelintonerig I request SEK 2500. If you want a composite stable leg (on an acoustic guitar) it costs 300 SEK extra. If it is so badly positioned with straps and grip boards that a rebranding is required, SEK 1500 will be added. If the neck has to be changed, the stall is in the wrong place or if there are other problems, there will be an individual negotiation on how and what to do.

In addition to the adjustment, an oversaddle toning for SEK 2500 includes that the guitar is measured with new strings, the grip board is cut 1-2 mm at the top, the straps checked and crowned if needed. A new upper leg saddle and a new stable leg are manufactured. If the stable leg is not in the right place (on an acoustic guitar), the trench is filled again with wood and a new one is milled.

Important things to keep in mind

  • If you have favorite strings, you should send with a set or tell so I can take home. Still better with two new sets, then I can double check that no string in the first set was defective. In that case, the set that does not sit on the guitar will be cracked, the strings uncut and only strung once. I have Newtone Masterclass or Newtone Heritage at home and these are the ones used unless otherwise decided. The thickness of the strings and the tuning of the guitar are important parameters for the intonation and the intonation works best for the choices you make when the intonation takes place.
  • It's good to tell how hard-hitting you are as a guitarist. If you always play soft and loose you can lower the strings more. If you are not disturbed by a little string rattle, if you take yesterday it also lowers the string height. If you have special wishes for string height at the 12th band and relief on the neck, you measure them yourself with a blade measure on their favorite guitar or I measure the guitar as it is when it comes in and use the same measure when intoning.
  • One should be aware that the grip board will (almost) always be cut at the top and possibly a new ditch cut into the stable. If you want an oversaddle with an overhang where you do not have to cut the grip board, it costs SEK 500 extra.
  • If you want the guitar to fit the best in any place other than the 3rd and 12th bands, you can choose other bands.
  • On an electric guitar one should have individual intonation on all 6 strings at the stable, vintage stall with three "brass barrels" which on a vintage Telecaster can never be intoned perfectly (three strings will always be less well intoned!).

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