Order on the croft

Spent two days getting my queue in order. In the future I will be more disciplined, at least that is my goal. If there is someone who did not send an e-mail but only spoke by phone or visited the premises and who is not on the list, get in touch!

GG199 American conservatory circa 1900

Work continues with ongoing batch, one that has already been completed and delivered is an American American Conservatory parlour. Although I have a stamped serial number, 79982, I have not been able to work out when it was manufactured. Probably around 1900, but maybe a little later. It's rare to see similar guitars in Sweden, but those that exist...

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Current batch, GG199-203

All lids have had their ribs glued and adjusted. For the lids, I use my collapsible go-bar and a base plate with the same radius as the underside of the ribs. Since I am gluing several large plates in the lid, they need to be glued to a surface that is curved in two dimensions, the bottom ribs, on the other hand, can be glued to a one-dimensional support with the same...

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