I work full time with Gammel Gura and regular guitar repairs in my room. So far, more than 150 GG are manufactured and I hope to make more!


  • En Gammel Gura is a refurbished and improved guitar, the original is my own or one of my items in the "waiting room". The price for a complete Gammel Gura conversion is 95SEK 00.
  • If the guitar is selected "Waiting room", the price for the guitar itself will be added, about SEK 500 or more depending on the object.
  • One mounted K&K Pure Mini mick mounted for approx SEK 1200.
  • A fitting Gator 3/4 case can be purchased at daily prices from Thomann or similar, typically about 8SEK 00.
  • Extra string set Newtone Heritage 0.11 or 0.12 costs 120 SEK per set.
  • If the guitar is in really bad condition or requires extra jobs (eg harp guitars) or needs to be changed (eg if the neck is to be thinned) it will cost extra by arrangement.

To buy

  • An item from the "Waiting Room" or your own guitar is booked when you pay for one down payment of 1500 SEK covering the cost of materials. When the down payment is in, I start working on the item when previous orders are completed. The down payment date gives the place in the queue.
    This sum cannot be claimed back if the renovation is canceled. Your own guitar will be returned at shipping cost if an order is canceled.
  • The turn order is determined by the date of the order. It may sometimes happen that a later order with a deadline may precede the queue, but then there must be very strong reasons!
  • An invoice is sent via email as a PDF or as a letter both for the down payment and the remaining payment when it is ready for delivery.
  • For all Gammel Gura applies that full payment must be received before it is sent to the customer.

Option for Old Gura
The following details are included but can be selected or replaced with other alternatives (for example, you can keep original tuning screws, grip boards and stables if they are workable or change to a modern X-ribbed).

  • Same type of ribbing as the original is used. Typical ladder bracing on old parlor guitars.
  • Golden Age Tuning screws.
  • Bushings for the string posts in a notched head. Increases the volume and makes the tuning screws easier to adjust.
  • Carbon rod in the neck.
  • New grip board and replica stall.
  • 16 ″ radius ground on a new or old grip board.
  • Brass Band.
  • K&K Pure Mini mic. A secure attachment for the guitar strap is included.
  • Guitar Band bud on the neck foot.
  • side Markers in the form of 2 mm mother-of-pearl on bands 5, 7, 9 and 12.
  • Pickguard Translucent plastic can be selected, but is not standard.
  • Over Said ring Linton. Makes chords with open strings sound better.
  • Segmented stall leg. Increases string separation and opens up sound.
  • “Turbo plugs”. Increases the volume and the attack and gives a clearer and clearer tone, perfect as a complement to a segmented stable leg.
  • spirits Varnishes on top of the old one. Retains guitar patina but hides wounds from renovations and white dings.

What to do with an Old Gura

  • Gitarren is taken apart in its parts; tuning screws, upper saddle, grip board, neck, body and sides, stables, bottom and end plug.
  • Thickness the lid and bottom are double-checked and thinned out if they are too thick.
  • All projects cracks glued and reinforced with team patches. Large cracks are filled with wood. Parts that are missing or broken are newly manufactured or repaired.
  • new ribs manufactured and glued into the lid and bottom.
  • En my stick glued over the bottom joint of the bottom.
  • The neck gets one carbon fiber rod frozen and glued.
  • New tuning screws mounted, usually this means that the old holes in the head must be plugged and drilled if old European guitars had shorter distances between the strings (the new tuning screws now have American standards). If the originals are in good condition, the holes need not be plugged and drilled.
  • The gang in an original fretboard is seldom in the right place, the grooves are filled with wood and the grooves are sawn back in the right place. Alternatively, the board is replaced with a new one in rosewood or ebony.
  • Stable repaired or extended to the front to accommodate an intoned stable leg. Alternatively, a replica is made in rosewood, ebony or maple.
  • string pins is replaced with new in ebony, which gets a large mother-of-pearl inlay in the style of the originals.
  • En K&K mick mounted if optional.
  • Grip board, neck, stall and bottom are glued. The fretboard has been ground to a 16 ″ or 20 ″ radius.
  • The guitar is temporarily strung up and the fretboard is ground to a suitable relief in a jig where the guitar is fixed in the same position as it gets with tensioned strings. The fretboard be banded about with brass bands or ordinary nickel bands.
  • The straps are crowned and polished, even this time in the jig where the guitar is fixed in the same position as it gets with tight strings.
  • In the stable one is milled adjustment legs in and one Nut in legs mounted. Alternative for stable legs without freezing in the stable is a glued tape. A stable leg in ebony with a strap on top also works well (similar to the original with only one strap, but can be adjusted).
  • Upper saddle and stable leg into is.
  • Open wounds in the varnish are stained. The guitar gets a layer ready spirit varnish . The varnish is matted and polished semi-gloss.
  • side markers on the 5, 7, 9 and 12th bands are mounted.
  • En guitar strap knob mounted on the neck foot if it is optional.
  • A special fastening device is sent with the K&K mic knob so that the guitar strap does not come loose.
  • Gitarren vibrate in for at least three days.
  • Gitarren delivered via bus goods in a Gator case if it is optional or in a shipping box.


  • Newtone Heritage 0.12 are the strings I prefer to string up Gammel Gura with. But if you have alternative moods or other wishes, you can adapt Gammel Gura conversion. Regular 0.11 strings can also be used effortlessly on one Gammel Gura.
  • Always try to keep a layer of Newtone Heritage 0.10, 0.11, 0.12 strings. Also has Newtone Masterclass 0.11 or 0.12 sets that work well on modern guitars. Send an email if you want to buy. Unfortunately, the deliveries are slow from the manufacturer so it's not always I have some to sell. They can also be purchased directly from the manufacturer.