Batch; Installation of string pins and tuners

With the stable and stable plate glued and ready, including plugs and buttons, the next step is to assemble the string pins. I use new solid string sticks in ebony where I drilled in 4 mm mother of pearl daughters. They are similar to the handmade originals, but they are all perfectly shaped and you do not have to keep track of which holes the string sticks should sit…

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Batch; Gluing top bracing

One of the bigger jobs is to glue the new ribs in the lid. I use the original stable and the holes for the string sticks to place the stable plate in spruce and all the ribs with it as a starting point. First, all plates and ribs are measured and rough-formed and test-mounted loosely. The stable plate is glued together first, I use an underestimated cheap planer with…

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Batch; New braces in the bottom

The necks have been given their carbon fiber rods and trimmed. Now with a stronger reinforcement of the neck foot. After the carbon fiber rod in the neck and general repair of all bottoms, it is time to make bottom ribs and glue them in place. Ribs are selected and cut from the layer of already formed rib blanks. These are rectangular and quartz sawn spruce ribs, approx.

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