Newton Strings

Got a bunch of strings from Newtone Strings today. Newtone Heritage 0.11, 0.12 and DAY DAY set. As well as Newtone Masterclass 0.11 and 0.11 Double Wound. Price 90 SEK / set for Newtone Heritage and Newtone Masterclass, 110 SEK for Newtone Masterclass Double Wound. Of course shipping will be added.

Levin 1952

The newest OldGuran to date. An ordinary Levin model 27 Texas from 1952 with pale sunburst and loose neck, bought at a flea market for under a hundred. To add a little extra, it got a new fingerboard in rosewood and a new stick stable instead of the old "string through" stable. New tuning screws in shiny nickel and string sticks…

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