On the right track with the new batch. Ribs for all bottoms have been manufactured and glued on site. All bodies have been crack glued and cleaned on old ribs, bottoms and lids have been thinned out. The ribs on the bottom are simple and can be glued with resistance, the lid ribs I will glue in my new Go-bar jig. To get …

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Has completed the general repair and gluing of the next batch. The necks have also been repaired and given their carbon fiber rod. Lid and bottom have been thinned, two-part bottoms have been given a middle stitch. The harp guitar received a new 1,5 mm thin ebony "fingerboard" as a replacement for the 0,6 mm veneer that sat on it. In addition to these I do “Bluesburken” and…

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Levin 1954

Made an advanced repair on a "new" Levin from 1954. The neck had to be replaced and was bent. A carbon fiber rod would be mounted. The fretboard was flat and could just as easily be replaced with a new one in Madagascar rosewood with a 16 ″ radius with EVO Gold straps. The binding on the fretboard and all the daughters were skipped for a wooden and sober fretboard. …

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Site moved

My provider for the website was sold to another and the old gammelgura site was moved to the new one. After a bit of trouble, everything should work as it should again <img draggable="false" role="img" class="emoji" alt="" src="">

New batch

I still have some GammelGura left in the previous batch, but have started up the next one today after too many local repairs. Two Levin parlors, a slightly larger European parlor and a rather cool harp guitar from the end of the 1800th century. Will try to increase the pace and work in parallel with these while I do the previous batch and some…

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