Doug Seeger's HiRes videos

Doug plays a country song on the sound check. Unfortunately, the new strings are correct as time goes on. Otherwise absolutely fantastic! The handover of GammelGuran to Doug, Pelle Henricsson takes care of the talk. Doug sums up the whole idea with an GammelGura in a few short sentences, he is good at it too 🙂

Hurry Bargain, an item for a harp guitar to be available for purchase

More pictures here: guitar-object-to-an-oldgura A very similar harp guitar like the one I recently fixed can be bought from a collector in Germany for 120 EUR + shipping (usually about 20 EUR). The thread on the former can be found here: Most likely it is the same Swedish manufacturer with the difference that this one has 6…

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The last two in the last batch will soon be ready

The last two GammelGura in the previous batch of eight are soon finished. The upper saddle and stable legs, threading, adjustment and invibration remain. To the left an old man from about 1890, to the right a nice Levin from 1931. Levinen had a tricky attachment of the neck. Undoubtedly gives more adhesive surface and attaches the neck foot better than the usual simple…

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