Has now had three "apprentices" in the room for a week who have been able to help and learn how to renovate an old guitar. I am open to suggestions, I can not handle as many as I like, but if the time suits both me and the client, it is a nice break from my loneliness in the room!

My latest apprentice was very pleased with his finished Old Gura 🙂

What I've learned from previous weeks is that two guitars are one too many. It is tempting to work with several guitars, but the time is not enough even if you work double passes. It must be a complete Old Gura that either can be completely finished or sent the week after (varnish has to dry, the guitar takes off the string before adjusting and vibrates). With a guitar you can take more time for each step and not have to think so much about the production tempo. Should also make sure that there is another item semi-clear that can be used to show how lacquering, adjustment and intonation work while glue dries on this week's Old Gura.

During the week we will be able to disassemble the old guitar and repair cracks and other problems. All ribs are replaced with new ones, a carbon fiber rod is mounted in the neck, grip boards and stables are fixed to or made new. The neck and bottom are glued, the grip board is re-tied, the upper saddle and the stool legs are manufactured, the upper saddle and the stool legs are intoned and the guitar is coated with alcohol varnish. In short, all the elements that are part of an Old Gura. Several different jigs and tools for the various parts are used and all questions are answered to the best of their ability 🙂 The room is not large, but has two or three workplaces and is large enough for two working simultaneously.

Have access to an overnight room for SEK 100 per night if you book in time. Easiest accommodation with only one bed, a fridge and a kettle and access to a toilet outside in the corridor. Overnight and a simple breakfast you can fix yourself in the room (supermarket is in the house next door), shower can be done at home with me after work. There is a car parking space also near the overnight room. Otherwise, Park Hotel is just a stone's throw from the venue and of course other hotels are within walking distance.

The cost is 12 for a 000-day job in the premises with a finished GammelGura as a result. Plus cost for accessories for the guitar (new tuning screws, K&K mic, case, extra string set and shipping of finished guitar). You pay for food and accommodation yourself.

Contact me by mail or phone.