After the summer holidays, an unusual number of local repairs appeared. Have worked with them for almost three weeks. Next week I will start the next batch with GammelGura, not a day too early… Summer is always a difficult time for me, I am allergic to pollen and the efficiency is not the best. Every autumn I wake up and out…

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Söderman and Frii, two northern builders

Has spent a few weeks repairing, it seems that many want to have their guitars repaired after the holidays. Two interesting guitars were in for service, a Gottfrid Söderman from Docksta and a Frii from Umeå. Gottfrid moved from Västerhus to Docksta in recent years, both places near Örnsköldsvik. He is the only guitar builder from the area I…

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Swedish patents

Searched among Swedish patents and found some that were interesting and some that were fun. First some Levin patents. Levin adjustable stable leg Levin drawbar… and then some more… “Holder for sheet music” “Sound amplifier” “Keyboard for guitar” “Movable rim for crack-free guitar” “Refine the tone”