New methods in 2023

As soon as a problem appears, I come up with a solution or improvement. Here are some new ones in 2023.

New methods
Since I've started doing some X-bracing, I needed a method to fit the X into a top with the sides already glued. It is a jig in the shape of an adjustable X with aluminum profiles at the ends that can adjust the length of the four ends. In addition, a flexible metal plate on the two top ends to be able to easily cut the X-braces to the right angle to the sides/kerfing. The profiles have a snap fit against the bracing in the adjustable X. With the jig in the correct position in the guitar, I can then carefully lift the jig without disturbing it and use it as a template to cut the braces and cut the knot in the X.

My suction table for thin bottoms in the drum sander was extended at both short ends to reduce snipe from the rollers in the drum sander pressing down on the bottom and suction table. I also fitted an air valve to reduce suction and load on the vacuum cleaner.

The steam cleaner from Jula to loosen the neck got a new longer hose and nipple from Stewmac, also a smaller plastic petrol tank to collect condensation water.

In order not to wear the sanding belt in my drum sander unevenly (and mostly in the middle), I make sure to spread the sanding with the help of a marker in the form of a small super magnet on a strip of sheet metal.

My "roller tool" for sanding down the height of the saddle dulled the sandpaper with its hard metal wheels. I put on "rubber tires" with the help of sufficiently wide shrink tubing. Now the sandpapers are sharp even after a sanding.

Changing tires with the heat gun and sanding the underside of the saddle

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