Herwiga for sale at CJ Acoustic Music in Östervåla

Visit the store and audition for Herwiga'n at CJ Acoustic Music in Östervåla 🙂 Can share with me dimensions and facts on Herwigan that are a little bigger than a regular parlor, fits well in a case for a classical guitar. Upper saddle: 45 mmMensure: 63 cmNeck : U-shaped Grip board: FlatTotal length: 97 cmLid: 28 - 21,5 - 36 cm (above…

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Visit to Per Marklund

Was on a visit to Per Marklund and got to test two newly stringed Martin replicas. Both were fantastically beautiful and sound as they should. They will definitely bloom! Here we see Per with one of them, beautiful sunburst and bar frets 🙂

Old Gura in action!

Yep. Follow the link and check out a happening at the last gig. I play on an Old Gura and sing my own song. Get help from Mats Byström (left) and Björn Sohlin (right) on violin www.facebook.com/ornskoldwys/videos/680212728749438/

Czech archtop

This was bought at an auction in Ö-vik and passed the premises. An unusual Czech archtop, Alfred Bräuer Cremona, from around 1955. Probably model 465a. Beautiful details and shape of this. Warmed the neck straight, lacquered on spirit lacquer, strapped on and adjusted it. The last one went like a dance as the neck angle can be easily adjusted with help hjälp

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Herwiga 1930s

Another GammelGura ready. The "old betta" that had "Betty" engraved in the red original varnish. The guitar had a grandiose label with the manufacturer's name, "Herwiga". The entire guitar is now repainted and the cover got natural color instead of the opaque red original color. Under the varnish the spruce had a little "bear claw". The only way to succeed with a opaque color of spruce…

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Old Gura 61

A very special GammelGura is ready. Usually it is solid maple at the bottom and side of early European parlor guitars, this one has solid rosewood (jacaranda). The wood is expensive and was so even in the early 1900s. It was bought by a German collector as a half-finished project, the fretboard was missing and the sides had been trimmed. I…

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