Gottfrid Söderman

Speaking of the Söderman guitar lute, here is some info and a picture of the guitar builder. Gottfrid was a pastor in the Elim parish and was world famous in Västernorrland for his well-sounding instruments. Excerpt from a discussion on AntikPrat: “By chance I ended up on the page Antikprat! My name is Kjell Söderman and Gottfrid Söderman was my grandfather! Västerhus is outside…

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Visit in the workshop

Offered cake and coffee and got some fun visitors 🙂 From left Per Marklund (future big cutter as Martin replica builder), my polar bear Björn Sohlin, Lars Lundgren and Greger Wikberg. On the wall Söderman hangs the lute, it must be fixed so that it can be played on.

An unexpected gift

Picked up an unknown package on bus goods and it turned out to be a gift from the moderator of the Forum Acoustic Guitar Forum that I am a frequent participant in. A very nice Gottfrid Söderman made around 1930 in Västerhus not far from Örnsköldsvik. It should be a house guitar in the room after a review ack Thanks Erik!

The work table

In addition to the large bench, I have one more workplace at the coffee table. Here I am intoning the American parlor guitar I just sent. Use my stroboscope tuner and files on the stable leg to get the tone to match (for these strings, admittedly, but still).

New address and two new Old Gurus

After a bit of fuss, you can now write and end up on the blog page. Two new GammelGura guitars, numbers 6 and 8, are on their way to CJ Acoustics in Östervåla. Both two pearl pearls and one from the USA with a uniquely soft tone that makes everyone surprised 😉 A couple of pictures here American from about 1930 German…

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