Kjellgren was here

A special mandolin came in for bandaging. Also made a hatch for the drawbar that was missing. A little tricky with strips on the fretboard, you have to pinch off small pieces of pliers on the straps (the post on the T-forming strap) at the ends. Luckily I have a special tool 🙂 Nice home-made mandolin!    

New batch

Took a few days to fix with the rolls, but here are some pictures on the next batch. In the pictures, the throats have got their carbon fiber rod and the bodies have cracked. Now almost finished gluing the ribs in both the bottom and body, it is moving forward.  

The rolls at home and tested

Got home my 38 kilo roller polisher. Built a stable roller shutter to mount it on, got a half cubic meter cabinet on the purchase. Have tried a bit and it works great for thinning down thick bottoms and giving various pieces of wood the right dimensions (stables, fretboards, moldings, ribs etc). Will make life easier in the future, but I still like the hand tools best! …

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