Repairs in 2023

It's been a long time since I posted on the blog. The interest in writing about the job has had a dip, however, the work has continued in my premises and several GammelGura have passed and many normal repairs and fixes have been done. In the meantime, I've taken quite a few pictures, here are some pictures of some but not all the repairs in 2023. I can't remember exactly what I did on all of these, probably more than I'm writing.

Repairs & adjustments
A Gibson Hummingbird had its neck reset, cracks glued, a loose brace glued and a coat of spirit varnish matted down. The saddle ditch was remilled for better intonation, the pickguard was reglued. A wedge under the fretboard was fitted. Finally, a standard intonation filing the saddle for each string was done.

A badly abused nylon strung Hirade with K&K mic had the bottom cut off, and a broken top glued with some new braces. The bridge was also reglued. A built-in fault that was likely one of the causes of the crashed top was a chamfer on the top of the end block. A wedge was glued in.

An electric guitar had its pickups replaced.

A nylon strung Granström had its neck replaced and a planed bridge fixed with new wood and saddle. New frets were mounted. A fitting piece for a slot made in the bridge was milled for best durability.

A Levin DeLux with a cracked neck had its neck reset. The foot of the neck was splinted with two long screws and a round birch rod. New Waverly tuners and new frets were mounted. The head received a coat of spirit varnish. The celluloid inlays in the neck were reglued after painting with white on the back.

Two newer and nice Levins from the 35s got neck reset and new frets. The bridge on the W35, which was planed down, was in rosewood painted in black, got a new piece of wood fitted on top. Nowadays, I mount on the odd frets first, then the even ones. Both had a genuine dovetail. The the tenor guitar got a nut intonation. Almost all repairs end with some vibration.

A cheap, but first guitar, had the neck and bridge reglued. The deformed bridge was heated and forced flat.

A cool drop-shaped Levin in terz size from about 1929, that was to be repaired to playable, became a complete GammelGura in the end. Among other things, the completely wrong-angled neck was almost sawed off to give the neck the right angle for a fixed bridge!


A cool Bjärton was spruced up and adjusted.

A nylon stringer had a cracked brace that I glued using my inflatable door adjuster and backstop.

A Levin W18 received a neck reset, re-fretting and adjustment. A cracked neck foot was glued and split with a round birch rod.

An old seven-string Russian guitar with an adjustable neck had the bottom cut off, all cracks repaired, the bridge re-glued, a new fretboard and bridge, carbon fiber in the neck and new frets. A somewhat faithful renovation, but I added a spruce bridgeplate. The frets above the 12th fret were attached with a poor eye gauge!

A nice Levin Archtop got new frets and was adjusted.

A flashy Furch got new frets.

A cool Höfner got a neck reset, new frets and a new bridge instead of the old plastic one.

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