GG201 Levin 1938

I have in a short time made GammelGura from two Levin guitars from 1938. I have difficulty distinguishing which pictures I took, they were basically the same guitar. The one I bought myself at an auction, which was the first to be completed, I have already written about here. Common to both was that they had fretboards made of the finest rosewood with incorrectly placed frets. The first got the usual ladder bracing, the second got an X-ribbing at the customer's request.

This guitar was found in a junk room, and it was in really bad shape with a huge crack in the top.

Once the fretboard was loose, the top was soaked in water overnight before the large crack could be filled back up with a stick and hot hide glue.

The neck block was badly cracked and reinforcements were glued to the top and back edge. A larger crack in the sides was also glued. This simplified X bracing is my first one with scalloped braces in the X.

The third brace in the bottom were made flat, both the top and the bottom were too thick and were thinned to just under 3 mm.

The bottom was glued on as usual in my jig. It is always difficult to loosen the label intact, but it is possible with patience, heat, water and a sharp razor blade.

I never took pictures of the finished guitar, but it looked like the first one. Both turned out very well! For my personal taste, I liked the one with ladder bracing slightly better.

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