Old Gura 34

Displays the second last GG in the previous batch. An old and small parlor from about 1890 or older. This one had a Spanish heel (and we know what we like about it). Got some extra work to get rid of, it was cut straight off. A new neck pad was glued in and a dovetail-like stud was inserted into the neck foot. Went well in the end.

Another detail was that the grip board was made in two separate parts. The bit on the lid with the inserts was also thicker than the rest of the grip board which was very thin. The solution was to thin out the two parts with my new roll cleaning to 2,5 mm thickness and to glue a rosewood shim with the same thickness all the way under the grip board. Became a 5 mm thick grip board in one piece. Glued with skin glue and the tone became very good!

Nowadays I always drill a round rod in birch through the neck foot and glue with epoxy glue. The "ice cream heel" is very cool and takes up little space for the hand, but is at the same time very weak. The majority are cracked straight off. This one had managed but better to tune in the brook.

The stable was also extremely degraded, was well max 3 mm high. Replaced with a stall in ebony, the client wanted a mustache stall but couldn't get it when the original was straight. Was a compromise with some extra mother-of-pearl daughters on the stable as compensation.


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