Newly repaired: Levin parlor 1943

A rare dried-up Levin parlor from 1943 needed help. It's Grandpa's guitar that will be the first guitar for the 8 year old guy. I did more than I got paid for. Both the lid and the bottom had shrunk a few mm in width, in the lid there was a crack along the entire center seam, the bottom had shrunk on the edge. The lid got a glued wooden stick in the crack, the bottom got a border strip in black plastic all around. New ribs inside and a new stable. Bandage and turnover of neck as well. finished Images


Absolutely OK tuning screws and tone as good as it can get on one like this 🙂


  1. My plan has always been to have a number of finished Old Gura for sale, but all I have done has been sold or I have received items sent by clients. Right now I have no finished GG to sell. In the process of completing the latest batch of 8 GG and also have some repairs to fix.

    But so far, the calendar is empty for the next batch of GGs. Will start with a bunch at the beginning of next month. If I do not receive an order, there will be a few finished GGs for sale eventually 🙂

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