I am currently reading an interesting book, Work clean by Dan Charnas. It is about a way of organizing the work in a way that is used by all commercial chefs who have high demands on themselves in order to work both efficiently, well and quickly. They call it "Mise-en-place". By planning both the time and the tasks, work can be made more efficient and you get more done.

When I read the book, I realize that for a long time I worked with roughly the same things, e.g. keep the workbench clean so I don't have to look for tools, put the tools that are used the most near the workplace, make sure materials are at home before they are needed, start heating the glue before I have to use it, prepare for the next batch of glue, clean the room before I go home and do all the work steps in the correct order. Fast, but still with quality. Mistakes always take the longest, so it's important to learn from them.

Of course, I still have a lot to learn, but once I have read the book, I will tackle some tasks, such as e.g. measure how long the various stages take on average. Hopefully I can work more efficiently, that wouldn't be wrong 😉

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