Current batch, GG199-203

All tops have had their braces glued and adjusted. For the top, I use my collapsible go-bar and a baseplate with the same radius as the underside of the braces. Since I am gluing several large plates in the top, they need to be glued to a surface that is curved in two dimensions. The bottom braces, on the other hand, can be glued to a one-dimensional support with a matching radius.

The gluing takes place in two passes. The top brace under the fretboards is not glued, so I later can lift the top under the fretboard with a stronger radius on that brace if the fretboard gets a slope-off instead of having to make a wedge under the fretboard. The two large braces below the sound hole are planed down to 12-13 mm height and the ends are thinned down to almost nothing starting 7 cm from the sides.

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