In my shop, I need a dehumidifier in the summer and a humidifier in the winter. Around 40% is the target. After two humidifiers with a built-in sensor to turn on and off broke at a certain humidity (the electronics shut down), I have bought a simpler humidifier without electronic controls and a separate and better unit for the control. The control can be calibrated against my hygrometer and should be significantly more robust. It works very well, I must say. The humidifier has room for 4 l of water, and it lasts overnight without any problems, even if it is very dry. Over the weekends, however, it may happen that the water runs out.

The humidifier is of the ultrasonic type that breaks the water into a mist, a disadvantage with that principle is that all the minerals in the drops are deposited where they end up and can give a white coating on everything. No problem in the shop, but at home I have humidifiers of the water boiling type. With such, all the minerals stay in the humidifier itself, the disadvantage with them is that they are pretty loud where the ultrasonic humidifier is completely silent.

The stuff I bought are these: Beurer LB88 Humidifier and Inkbird IHC-200 Humidity Controller. They are complemented by a better hygrometer Text 608-H2 and one Qlima DD-208 dehumidifier bought from Jula a few years ago (also have a Woods dehumidifier).

I can also plug the dehumidifier into the empty outlet, should the humidity exceed 40,5% it turns on and turns off at 40%, if the humidity drops to 39,5% the humidifier turns on instead. Braces and sling!

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