Beheaded Levin

Took care of a nice Levin in concert size (larger than the regular parlor model) that had problems. Among other things, someone had cut off the top of the head and thus the serial number that gives the exact year and Levin "the money"… why is a mystery. Maybe it would fit in a case? The most special thing is that the customer went by train all the way from southern Norway and picked up GammelGuran in person at the premises! We had a nice jam session together and each ate semla 🙂

The guitar is probably from around 1930, judging by the glue used for the lid, bottom and fretboard. The renovation was extensive when the entire guitar except the lid was sanded and the wood was given a completely new colored varnish. The nice birch flames at the bottom and side really came out with the new paint, you turn and turn the guitar, the flames move almost like a kaleidoscope!


Finished pictures of Levin around 1930


Levin ca 1930

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