For sale: Old GammelGura

An early GammelGura, “The rose” number 28 from 2014, is for sale. It has one of the first oversaddle intonations I made, but lacks later inventions. A very beautiful guitar, especially the stable! Unique in shape too, all indications are that it was built by a solitary builder and not in a conveyor belt. It comes with a used Gator 3/4 case and mounted K&K mic.

When I got it in, I thought I would have to work with it as it had been in a dry storage room for a year or so, but to my surprise, everything was just as it should be! Correct string height and no cracks. The only thing I did was to file off the tops of the bands that protruded a little bit and put on new strings 🙂

The price of it is SEK 9500. The guitar itself, K&K mic and case are included. Take care!

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