Old Gura 14

Has five GammelGura in the picking pin stage, but one has at least had time to be finished. It is a European guitar from about 1910-1920. It had a very cracked bottom, it had been opened earlier for repair, which can be seen on the cracks at the neck block. A classic stable was replaced with a replica of the original stable which appeared as a glue shadow under the classic stable. The fretboard was not good and in addition the straps below the 12th strap were placed on the feel. Got to be a new fretboard as well, stable and fretboard in Madagascar rosewood. Upper saddle and stable legs in horn and drilled 4 mm pearl mortars in ebony sticks without notch.

The neck is strongly D-shaped but not clumsy. 4,5 cm at the upper saddle, 5,5 at the 12th band. 93 cm long, 62 cm menstrual. Sounds very good almost completely without wolf tone. It is now sent to CJ Acoutic Music AB in Östervåla.


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