GG154, Levin 1914

Has written an article about ladder bracing, spruce stalk plate, segmented stall legs, plugs and oversaddle lining which will be published in "American Lutheran". In English of course. I want to spread the word about my discoveries and hope that more people take the time to test. We'll see what happens! To illustrate the article, I needed a project where I photographed all the steps. It became the worst Levin wreck in the store, a Levin from 1914 as simple as it can get. Bought it at an anonymous auction, but with the guitar it came with a painting with an old picture of the guitar. Unfortunately I do not know what the couple's name was, but on the guitar it says engraved "Edvin".

Levinen was not in good condition. The bottom had shrunk considerably and was almost loose. Two bottom ribs were missing and the back of the neck was completely torn by a capo (as seen in the picture!). The bottom had several cracks while the lid only had one crack next to the fretboard. The guitar had an early string holder type "mouse pig" and a stable with holes for the strings. Walnut fingerboard had deep pitfalls, this guitar has been played.

Planning to make a renovation trip for the guitar on the blog, took more than 200 pictures of all the elements of the renovation which took 2,5 weeks all in all. Took the opportunity and tested plum wood in both stables and grip boards for the first time. Seems that the tone became a little less playful than with rosewood. Here are pictures of the finished guitar that sounds very good.

Got help from Gunnar Säfsten to take pictures of myself, here I stand on Varvsberget with the guitar and with Ö-vik in the background 🙂

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