Gottfrid Söderman

Speaking of the Söderman guitar lute, here is some info and a picture of the guitar builder. Gottfrid was a pastor in the Elim parish and was world famous in Västernorrland for his well-sounding instruments. Excerpt from a discussion on AntikPrat:

“By chance I ended up on the page Antikprat! My name is Kjell Söderman and Gottfrid Söderman was my grandfather! Västerhus is located outside Örnsköldsvik and my grandfather was an instrument maker and manufactured and repaired strict instruments! He also made some furniture with marquetry in different patterns! Moved from Västerhus to Docksta where he died at the age of 95. My father is Tennsmeden Assar Söderman who is 89 years old and lives in Måviken Höga Kusten myself, I am 67 years old and live in Gothenburg! Sending a photo of my grandfather! I do not think he lived in Västerhus after 1935. Gottfrid Söderman was born in 1885 and died in 1980. "


  1. Exciting reading! My grandfather was also a pastor in Ångermanland for a time and he built a summer cottage in Veåsand below Skuleberget. I spent the summers of my childhood there, and remember how we once visited Gottfrid's home. As I recall, lots of guitars and mandolins hung on the walls, and I even think he had a self-built organ in one of the rooms. Also: In the sound hole on the guitar that I learned to play a long time ago, you could read in neat pencil: "Renovated by Gottfrid Söderman". GG pre GammelGura…

  2. Hey! Gottfrid Söderman was my great-grandfather and we were in the house in Docksta by Skuleberget in the summers when grandma came up from Sala to help. Hedda really liked flowers and we picked lilies of the valley there. I remember that Gottfrid also made mora clocks and bowls from twigs. He showed me his instrument shop once and there hung guitars and mandolins etc. it was great fun to see. We have one of his guitars. Gottfrid is the son of Johan Salomonsson Klemets from Klemetsgårdarna in Maxmo Finland and Anna Eriksdotter Kull from Hovsjö in Falun

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