Batch: Glue ribs

Things have been slow with the batch, had to clear away a lot of repairs and special projects that had accumulated. But one thing I have done and that is to glue all the ribs in the bottom and lid.

The first thing to do is to make sure that the lid and bottom have the right thickness. The bottom can be run in the rolls if it is not too curved. The lid is more difficult as you have to use the toothed little planer to remove the worst and then the grinding mouse to level.

Mark out the middle to be able to glue the ribs straight and cut to all ribs.

Glues the wings on the stable plate with the center part separately.

The ribs and stables are then glued in turns.


When all the ribs were glued in the batch, I was a little lighter on the aluminum bars that I use to distribute the pressure. Found a suitable aluminum strip that I will use next time. The strip can be cut to the right length and is gentler to the top of the bar to be glued. Small guide strips in lime make sure that it cannot twist on the triangular ribs. The rib under the grip board is not made into a triangle and then you can use the U-list as it is.


For the X-ribbed, the cross is made first and glued together before it is glued into the lid. Also be sure to triangulate the ends of the glued junction. Was about to stab me in the eye with this loose cross, lucky you have glasses!


The gluing is done in several steps, it takes longer to glue an X-bracing. Here, a go-bar would be more convenient.


After all the special jobs and repairs that have been cleared away, the batch will go faster.

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