GG129 An old European

Finished an old European guitar, probably from the 1890s. A guitar from "Väntrummet" I bought myself. Think it came from a collector in Germany. Good condition except that almost the entire one side was cracked.

It is noticeable that it was a good builder, all measures of thickness were just right and the rosette was extra fine with beautiful mother of pearl pieces. As usual, the ribs were oversized and thick as beams. The original stall was retained but extended in width to make room for an intoned stall leg.

The cracked side was soaked and allowed to dry to the correct shape with the help of clamps. “Wallpapered” the inside with maple veneer to hold the glued crack together. The lid had some larger cracks that were filled again with new wood. A new fretboard was made.

It got the usual features with, among other things, plugs and stables in spruce. A translucent plectrum cover was also fitted.

It got a K&K mic and an oversaddle toning that was successful with my new jig. Here you can see the bottom gluing and the almost finished guitar.


It became very good when it was completed. Just as good as one would expect 🙂


  1. The buyer just has to add that it got better than he expected. Satisfaction is an understatement. Exalted suits better. 3 days in my possession and I am just as surprised every time I pick it up. Big thanks Roger!

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