Old Gura 69

Am very satisfied with the latest Gammel Guraa. Unlike some other objects, this one went like the train, no major problems on the road. I also think that the overside tuning and the composite stable have "landed", have found good ways to work and have acquired some new and better tools to facilitate the work. The jigs for banding and neck gluing and the fact that I always measure the stable leg nowadays means that the mistakes become fewer and fewer.

The only problem I learned from this was that the original maple / pear figures are too soft. The stable leg wants to stretch on the wood and lean forward despite the fact that there is a press fit without string pressure on the stable leg. Made a change and made a replica in rosewood instead.

This is a typical German parlor from about 1915 plus or minus 5 years. The original tuning screws were "wrong" which is always a sign of an older guitar. Very similar to the one I made as a local guitar. Still think that this sounds a bit better, may be the stable that differs. It had been renovated earlier, a large piece of the bottom was replaced by a new softer wood. Glued on a piece of veneer on the inside to make the repair stronger. The bottom and side had also been painted on with a little redder spirit varnish than the original, some old runs are visible even if I polished off the worst. Otherwise in perfectly OK condition, about 10 small wormholes in the bottom and side are just charming I think! The neck is just to my taste with a nice rounded V shape and reasonably thick. The lid had come loose in the purflingen, had to put an extra kerfing on the inside and put rosewood moldings in the crack.

Took some pictures before I glued the bottom.

Sounds very good, composite stable legs own! A few nice pictures.

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