Demo oversaddle lining and composite stable legs

Spent a couple of hours doing simple demos to demonstrate the saddle intonation and the composite stable leg. Two small membrane mics in stereo position without any effect. Used the local guitar (which says "Tages" on it!) For the stable legs and most recently passed GammelGura 69 for the oversaddle tuning. Two similar European guitars from around 1910.

Three stables, two composite stables with spruce and cedar and a solid stool in legs.

Over-saddle toning combined with an intoned composite stall leg on Old Gura 69.

Demo Oversleeding (Old Gura 69)

The oversaddle intonation is demonstrated with slightly planless open chords and other. Sometimes it doesn't quite fit when I push harder than I should, but at least you hear that most of it is correct.


Tried to play the same cops with the different legs. Everyone sounds good, but if you listen carefully, you hear that the recordings with composite stable legs have more luster and are not as flat as the usual solid stable legs. Cedar has a darker tone than spruce. The difference is bigger in reality as always! The local guitar's stall legs are a bit sloppy, I will review it in spruce and make it look the way it should!

Demo solid leg saddle (“Tages”)


Demo composite stable legs with spruce (“Tages”)


Demo composite stable legs in cedar (“Tages”)


The guitars are quite similar in appearance and tone, but the Old Gura 69 is snap sharper 🙂

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