Old Gura 56

There are some laggards from previous batches. There is always a reason why, I have encountered problems I can not solve and lost interest. This Levine was modern from 1950 and almost too nice. I was not used to handling a burst varnish, which posed major problems. Nowadays I know that you should do everything to avoid sanding off paint on a burst, especially in a transition between two colors…

Have worked with several similar Levin objects, all have had a grip board similar to a carving ski, they are about 1 mm narrower in the middle and widest at the top and bottom. In other words, the page is not straight. Would think that you were using the wrong method when grinding your neck and not thinking about keeping the edge of the grip board straight. When I pulled it apart, I disturbed it and sharpened my neck straight, causing a nasty wound in the bursting paint on my neck. Not good!

Bought a small airbrush syringe and made several attempts to fix it. I was on the right track several times but always made a mistake at the end. It ended with me sanding it clean on varnish and getting help with the brush by Per Marklund who partly knows how to do and who has better tools. Thanks Per! Well. Got to learn something new and next time I will leave the burst paint on. Now I know more about how to spray paint and the Airbrush can certainly be used in the future.

The paint was the biggest problem, but I managed to make mistakes on many other parts as well. Nothing went as it should be a brief summary. The result was good after several turns, but it took twice as long.

It got a new stable, new grip board with radius, oversaddle toning and composite stable legs. Obviously the guitar of this type that sounded the best.

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