Yamaha LD10

Always have a repair going on next to GammelGurorna. Japanese guitars usually have innovative neck fasteners, but sometimes you have to change the neck without knowing what it looks like. This one from the early 1990s has a solid lid and sounds better than most similar ones, so it was worth a little extra work. As usual with modern guitars, the glue was extra difficult, thank you I know skin glue! The glue sat well, but reacted to heat. For some reason, the drawbar continued all the way into the lid. The only sensible solution was to loosen the fretboard so that I could access the joint with all the tools. It took an hour of hard work with hot water vapor in the joint and a thin spatula to loosen the glue between the "wings" on the dove tail and the side before the neck reluctantly came loose. Some spruce came with the glue from the lid as well. Uploads some pictures, there are too few pictures of Japanese neck fasteners!

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